Agile Team Coach

“Watching a great agile coach is like watching a magician. No matter how closely you watch, you can’t quite figure out how she does it.” (Mike Cohn)

Our world gets more complex every day. Due to the growing number of feedback loops, new problems emerge every minute. Regarding Ashby's Law, we need a complex system to create answers to these problems.

As an agile coach, your goal is to ‘design’ a social complex adaptive system that will give good answers to complex questions. These systems are called ‘teams’, or ‘organizations’. At DPS we focus on the team level. This is why we call the person who tries to have an impact on the social system, the Agile Team Coach (ATC).

At DPS it's the Agile Team Coach's job to assist a cross-functional, diverse team to work independently, and help it to become a fast-moving, fast learning team that frequently delivers results. You will assist every member in discovering and developing their full potential. Then, you will do the same for the team to discover and develop its full potential as a social system.

What you will gain

  • #A unique opportunity to be part of our 3-month training program to gain experience
  • #Get basic theoretical insights and practical experience from day one in all relevant fields of agile team coaching
  • #Get on-the-job training from day one
  • #Receive guidance and support from our experienced members of the DPS Core Team whenever needed
  • #Get individual coaching sessions from the DPS Core Team
  • #Get support from all members of the Agile Coaching Track
  • #A state-of-the-art workplace in the new Munich Urban Colab, one of the most creative and dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative nerve centres in Germany
  • #A grant of up to € 750 per month for talents
  • #Become part of a huge alumni network after DPS

What you will do

  • #You will join a diverse, cross-functional team from day one
  • #You will participate in lots of workshops
  • #You will facilitate workshops, retrospectives, planning meetings, daily standups and navigate conflict in your team
  • #You will practice individual coaching sessions with your team members
  • #You will shadow DPS Core Team members and participants of the Agile Coaching Track
  • #You will observe your team, give feedback and offer them methods to improve
  • #You will take part, measure, learn from day one

What we expect

  • #You have the ability for self reflection
  • #You have excellent communication skills and your English is fluent
  • #You would like to learn more about how to handle interpersonal and team conflict
  • #You have a passion for people and social systems
  • #You have already worked in an agile environment and own a agile certificate
  • #You have a university degree (psychology, sociology, computer science, business or similar)
  • #You plan a career as an agile coach
Apply now as Agile Team Coach at Digital Product School and immerse yourself in coaching agile teams!

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