We build digital products.

The Digital Product School is where the best talents from all over the world come together in interdisciplinary teams and learn how to build digital products that users really love.

Build a digital product that users really love. Work in a cross-functional product team. Gain professional experience.
Be part of our great community of digital product makers!

Diverse Teams

We believe that great products are created by diverse and crossfunctional teams. At the Digital Product School, interaction designers , software engineers , artificial intelligence engineers , and product managers from all over the world are working together across disciplines to create great products in a lean and agile way.
At the same time, product marketing managers form marketing teams and solve specific communication challenges for our company partners.
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Users first. Always!

We are user-centric. Our teams find solutions to real problems they've validated before. And they rule out bad ideas through experiments. The good ideas are then built in an agile manner.

Teams work either on problem spaces provided by our partner companies or they tackle their own problems as a so-called "Wild Team".

Pick your track

At the Digital Product School, we have »cross-functional« product teams: Product Managers, Interaction Designers, Software Engineers, and Artificial Intelligence Engineers work together in a team, explore and understand user problems and solve them by building a digital product. The Agile Team Coaches support them to perform as a team. The Product Marketing and Communications Managers work in their own teams on specific communication challenges.
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Our partner ADAC made a small documentary about DPS. Maybe you have 7 spare minutes to watch it. :-)