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The Digital Product School Munich is where interdisciplinary teams learn how to build digital products that solve real-world problems.

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DPS & COVID-19 - #RemoteDPS

Some months ago we were convinced that real teamwork and innovative digital product development only can happen if people from different backgrounds and a big pile of post-its come together in a small team space. But the COVID-19 pandemic and all restrictions associated with it proved us wrong: it also works remotely! With the right tools, a creative and open mindset, and also some self-discipline you can be a high-end product team in a remote-setting as well! We meet at Zoom, we collaborate in Miro and we manage our to-dos in Jira.


We found a setting that really works well for DPS: Some people come to the office, split into A/B-groups, others work from all over the world. Even our offsite took place twice with two separate groups! Workshops and sessions are all remote-first: there are no disadvantages if you are not in Munich.

And you may not believe it: this also has advantages! Talents who could not come to Munich can now participate. No more trouble with visas anymore. Higher diversity in the teams! We can talk to users from all over the world. And participants learn for later how remote-work can work!
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Diverse Teams

We believe that great products are created by diverse and crossfunctional teams. At the Digital Product School, interaction designers , software engineers , artificial intelligence engineers , and product managers from all over the world are working together across disciplines to create great products in a lean and agile way.

Users first. Always!

We are user-centric. Our teams find solutions to real problems they've validated before. And they rule out bad ideas through experiments. The good ideas are then built in an agile manner.

Teams work either on problem spaces provided by our partner companies or they tackle their own problems as a so-called "Wild Team".

Pick your track

At the Digital Product School, we have »cross-functional« product teams: Product Managers, Interaction Designers, Software Engineers, and Artificial Intelligence Engineers work together in a team, explore and understand user problems and solve them by building a digital product. The Agile Team Coaches support them to perform as a team. The Product Marketing and Communications Managers work in their own teams on specific communication challenges.
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Our partner ADAC made a small documentary about DPS. Maybe you have 7 spare minutes to watch it. :-)