Is it an online program?


Yes! A lot changed due to Corona. We didn't think so, but with the right environment and tools creating ideas, working together in a cross-functional team, and building an innovative digital product is possible without meeting in person.
This means: You can take part on-site in Munich or remote from all over the world. All workshops, meetings and processes in the teams are designed "remote-first", so there are no disadvantages of not being in Germany - maybe except getting up early or staying up late to sync with your team members' time zones.

What do I need to take part remotely?


First of all, a stable internet connection is essential for remote work. Video calls have to be possible without any stocking, interruptions, and latency. To guarantee a smooth execution of all events and workshops and to ensure trouble-free communication between you and your team members, your connection has to have at least a real bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s in download and 2 Mbit/s upload.
Furthermore, to join video calls and to participate in workshops using a collaboration tool in parallel we highly recommend a two-screen setup. This increases working comfort, improves efficiency, and speeds up your work.

Is it a full time program?


Yes it’s a full time program. You will create new ideas, test assumptions and decide in a team how to go on. Your teammates rely on you. That’s why you are expected to be present at DPS during normal office hours.

Why should I consider DPS?

  1. Personal coaching
  2. Professional development by gaining practical work experience
  3. Experience working in a cross functional team
  4. Develop products that solve real world challenges
  5. Be part of the great network of DPS and UnternehmerTUM with a lot of possibilities to work and grow

What will I do at DPS?


You will build a user centric product and service that solves a real world challenge. Also you will get to work in a cross functional team and learn to apply valuable methods and techniques.
At DPS you will also get a chance to build a professional network and also exchange cultures with fellow participants from all around the world.

Am I the right applicant to apply?


We welcome students, graduates and early stage professionals who want to change careers or gain experience from all around the world.
In case you are employed at the moment and want your company to profit from the concept of customer-centric product development? Check out Digital Business Lab (DBL) where your company can take part with an own problem space and team.

What kind of products we develop at Digital Product School?


The products developed at the digital product school mostly address the problem space that reflects on areas like mobility or create a social impact. However the products can be Business to Business or Business to Consumer as a digital or a physical service.

Can this program be counted as an internship?


Yes it can be but as an enrolled student it also depends on your institution. In the past we have had participants from renowned institutions where they were able to successfully count it as an internship or earn credits. Please further check on with your institution before applying. We are more than happy to collaborate and provide support.

Do you accept applications from non-european countries?


We welcome international applications and support the idea of diversity. Depending on the country you are living in it might be more or less difficult to get a visa for the European Union. We will support you with getting it but unfortunately there is no guarantee. It also might take time to get the visa. So if you need one you are advised to apply early in advance!

Is there any program fee?


Digital Product School is a non profit program that is free of cost.

Do I get paid?


We offer you a scholarship worth up to € 750.- per month / € 2.250.- in total for three months, depending on the mode of your participation at DPS:

  1. € 750.- per month if you take part on-site at the DPS office in Munich
  2. € 500.- per month if you take part remotely and live in an OECD country
  3. € 300.- (incl. € 50.00 internet grant) per month if you take part remotely and live in country which is not an OECD member.
    To receive the internet grant you have to proove that you upgraded your internet connection to at least a real bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s in download and 2 Mbit/s upload.

Do you provide accommodation?


We can support finding housing, but can not provide housing itself. If someone fails to find housing, we are open to remote participation as well.
However after you are accepted we have a slack channel where the DPS community shares housing offers from Munich. Also we send links to the channels through which you can find suitable accommodation for yourself.

Also to bring to your attention that there are a lot of fraud listings available online that you should be aware of. It is recommended that you don’t make any money transfers to book accommodation without exchanging identification, relevant documents and at least a video meeting from the apartment in offer.

Do I need to be enrolled as a student to apply?


Students or fresh graduates can be part of DPS. So you do not only have to be enrolled as a student to apply, but if you are already employed we recommend you apply through our Digital Business Lab (DBL).

What is the hiring process?


After you apply we shortlist you for one on one online interview with track heads. The interview is more like a conversation to get to know you better and your motivation to apply. Also we like to know about your future goals and expectations from our program. Our application process is ongoing. You can apply on our website. We try to have a look at your application as soon as you send it but please consider that we might be covered with training the current batch and need some time to get back to you.

Which time zone counts for the application deadline?


The application deadline is on the date stated at 11:59 pm Central European Time (CET / UTC+1) during winter time and Central European Summer Time (CEST / UTC+2) during summer time.

What happens to the products I develop together in a team during the program?


As a part of a wild team at DPS you along with your team own the project and the product. It is up to you and your team to take the project forward and pitch it to an incubation further or keep it as a great learning experience. Where as if you get to work in a company team the project and the product is in ownership of the company.

What kind of certificate will I be awarded?


You will be awarded with a certificate at the end of the program in an off boarding ceremony. The certificate will state all the research methods and tools you learned and applied during the program to build a product together in a team.

What are the job perspectives after I complete Digital Product School?


We at the Digital Product School do everything that is necessary to empower you to connect with suitable job opportunities in future.

Feel free to reach out to us in case of further queries