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You may be skilled in your field, but when you start your career, there's one thing you lack: Experience.

Take this opportunity: become experienced

When it comes to developing digital products, there's nothing like working on projects to gain this experience.  There's loads of methods, techniques, frameworks, tools, buzzwords, communication strategies.  But to reap the benefit and to see it all falling into place, you need to work on projects with different challenges. And alongside some great teammates.


In just 3 months the participants undergo a highly intensive experience. The idea is to let the students live the life of an agile team player while gaining the knowledge and confidence they would usually collect within one or two years working in a cross-functional team or a lean start-up.

To enrich that experience, the DPS teams are not only solving problems through creating digital products – they also extend their professional knowledge and skills in workshops held by domain experts from all over the world.

During the whole Program the DPS core team will mentor all participants, give guidance and react to challenges that come up at short notice.

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Autonomous & Agile teams

In a team at DPS product managers, interaction designers, software engineers and artificial intelligence specialists work together in interdisciplinary teams. Equipped with all the competences and knowledge of these four roles, each team can work autonomously and develop a digital product on its own.

The teams experience how to work like a real tech start-up. We attach importance on self-organization. We encourage teamwork, but also the accountability of each team member for his or her own tasks.

According to the agile working model and using scrum methods the teams have their kanban boards and do daily stand-ups. They work on their team spirit in retrospectives every week. They present their progress in sprint reviews every Friday and plan their next tasks as a team in planning meetings.



In so-called company teams, students, graduates and staff from partner companies explore the realms of modern product development.
They tackle a problem space assigned by our partners. But that does not mean they are bound by the constraints a corporate environment might bring. They enjoy the freedom of discover and validate potential problems before deciding what solution to build.

Wild Teams

Besides the company teams we have teams that consists of graduates only. They are not bound by a problem space set by a partner. Rather, they decide for themselves where they want to look for user problems. The only constraint for them is to solve a problem regarding either mobility or any topic with social impact.


Our approach

According to the Design Thinking Model of the Double Diamond our teams discover and validate problems before they search for a solution and develop it by permanently testing it.

  • 1. Discover

    In order to find a problem that is worth solving, the teams explore their problem spaces first. They think about who might have a problem and go out to verify it.

  • 2. Define

    Once the teams identify several problems they decide which one provides the biggest opportunity. Often, this is the time for first experiments.

  • 3. Develop

    Once a problem has been decided upon, the teams generate as many ideas as they can to solve it.

  • 4. Deliver

    At this stage, promising solutions are tested and narrowed down, allowing students to find out which solution to build. And during building further testing ensures the product is build the right way.

Key facts & benefits

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    3 Months full-time

    DPS is all about working in an agile team. You will work in weekly sprints and proceed with your product every day. To gain these experiences you have to be on-site and continously exchange with your team.

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    Up to € 3,000 scholarship

    Every applicant who gets accepted will receive a scholarship of up to € 1,000.- per month. You can find more about the scholarship in our FAQs.

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    expand your NETWORK

    Visit the various other programs of UnternehmerTUM, take part in our or other meetups and get in touch with Munich's start-up and tech scene.

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    Agile & Lean

    Receive intense training in agile working methods and design thinking techniques. Learn to evaluate user problems and to test and iterate your solutions.

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    Extend your skills

    Improve your soft skills by working in a diverse team and extend your knowledge through coaching and workshops by internal and external experts.

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    Modern campus

    Work on our modern and inspiring campus located in the center of Munich, one of the most livable cities in the world.

Who should apply

At DPS it is all about learning: How to discover a proper problem, how to validate a solution, how to collaborate in an agile team, how to behave as a teamplayer and, last but not least, getting to know a lot of state-of-the-art methodologies, techniques and tools to develop a digital product like a real lean start-up. 

So, if you are highly motivated and keen on improving your professional as well as your personal skills, apply for one of our four roles.

However, if you are applying for the roles of software engineer, data scientist or interaction designer, you should have the fundamental skills in your role, e.g. a Bachelor degree.


Pick your track and apply now!

There are three batches per year, usually starting in January, May, and September.

Dates and deadlines of the upcoming batches: