Digital first for public services

How might we design public services to be accessible and accepted by every citizen?

Shifting citizen behavior and a heterogeneous user group

While COVID proved that citizens don’t hesitate to share their private data online, more and more public services become available via the internet. The pandemic contributed to a significantly increased awareness and acceptance of public services online among the citizens.

Nevertheless, these shifting citizen behaviours need to meet satisfying service offers to leverage the overall e-government potential. As the population consists of various user types - while most of them are not digital natives - these services need to be designed extremely human and user centered. And they clearly need to be both easily accessible and trustworthy.

At Digital Product School, teams take a strictly human-centered approach to develop new products and succeed, armed with the right technical expertise and resources to leverage the power of the latest technologies and data.

Partner benefits

At DPS, we empower the next generation of human-centered digital product makers. We build digital products to solve real user problems and we create new business opportunities.

As a partner of the Digital Product School, you will be matched with your own cross-functional product team who will work on your challenge for three months and develop an innovative digital product tailored to your needs.



A cross-functional team will work on your challenge for three months



An innovative digital product that solves your specific challenge



Access to high-class international talents



Access to a rich tech-ecosystem

You are looking for a digital product or service scenario?

Success Stories

We have enabled and guided many teams on their innovation adventure:


Batch#8: Team HIGHLINE

How might we help city administrations receive daily updates on changes in road infrastructure layout?

Solution: A smartphone that is mounted on vehicles of orange-color city workers runs an application recording pictures to detect the current infrastructure layout. Limitations, like construction sites, are automatically detected, their impact estimated and displayed on an interactive map for use by the city administration.


Batch#9: Team FÜTÜRIZE

How might we enable the citizens to articulate themselves towards city officials?

The team developed an AI-powered citizen-participation-platform in order to enable a direct channel between city administration, citizens and politicians. AI helps to prioritize and filter requests from citizens and to evaluate statements and comments by citizens on current decisions. It all together supports the city administration to create an environment that truly meets the citizens’ needs.

Learn more about Fütürize


How might we provide a fast, simple, comfortable and intuitive online access to public services?

An end-to-end platform for public services in Bavaria where citizens are guided by a digital assistant through the service procedure.

Learn more about Digital Shapers

The Road to Success

The process of human-centered product development consists of four parts: GATHERING data and input about each challenge; DISCOVERING a user problem and creating a solution for it, LAUNCHING the product, and GROWING the business.

In the GATHERING PHASE a company's challenge is discussed and framed into a “wouldn’t-it-be-great” question. We collect the input of all involved persons or departments and frame the challenge into a “wouldn’t-it-be-great” question. Then, we form a team of talents who will solve that challenge.

That’s the starting point for the core success factor: the DISCOVERY PHASE. Autonomous and cross-functional teams of Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Interaction Designers, Software Engineers, and AI Engineers identify a user problem and build an innovative digital product that solves it. The process is powered by the best-in-class tools and methods from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and agile product development. But they don't just develop the idea, they actually build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that they LAUNCH and test with real users in real life in order to gain insights and optimize it.

After three months, it's time to GROW: we support our partners in developing the product and business model and in taking it to market.


A unique location: The Munich Urban Colab

The Digital Product School is located in the most creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial nerve center for innovation: The Munich Urban Colab. There, talents, promising entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporate innovators, scientists, and creatives from the most diverse sectors and disciplines work together under one roof.

It provides the most modern infrastructure to explore new technologies and use them to build innovative products.

Why Digital Product School

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    A core team of experts in their subjects

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    Part of Europe’s biggest entrepreneurship center

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    UnternehmerTUM GmbH is a non-profit organization

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    The Munich Urban Colab as the palace where future mobility concepts are developed

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    It’s our mission and passion to shape the world by solving the challenges of the future

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