The healthcare sector is becoming digital

How might we streamline physicians’ work, optimize systems, improve patient outcomes, reduce human error, and lower costs with new digital products?

Tech-trends and shifting consumer behavior

While talking about trends in the health industry you may hear about blockchain; 3D-printing; telemedicine; diagnostic artificial intelligence; nanotechnology; predictive healthcare and many more buzzwords. It’s obvious: all fields are massively powered by digitalization.

Despite the rapid development of these technologies, the fields of application are still heavily restricted by regulation. Instead, the key trends these days are determined by shifts in consumer behavior. By following and shaping these behaviors, the potential for new business is unlocked and becomes accessible.

At Digital Product School, teams take a strictly human-centered approach to develop new products and succeed, armed with the right technical expertise and resources to leverage the power of these rising technologies and data.

Partner benefits

At DPS, we empower the next generation of Human-centered digital product makers. We build digital products to solve real user problems and we create new business opportunities.

As a partner of the Digital Product School, you will be matched with your own cross-functional product team who will work on your challenge for three months and develop an innovative digital product tailored to your needs.



A cross-functional team will work on your challenge for three months



An innovative digital product that solves your specific challenge



Access to high-class international talents



Access to a rich tech-ecosystem

You are looking for a digital product or business model?

Success Stories

We have enabled and guided many teams on their innovation adventure:


Batch#10: Team Health in Progress

How might we provide patients with knee/hip issues with support throughout their whole treatment?

An app called “Arthro-Buddy” that allows patients to easily log and track the efficacy of different treatments. An algorithm evaluates the impact of these treatments and helps patients to recover faster and to get rid of restrictions caused by osteoarthritis.


Batch#10: Team 90 Degrees

How Might we enable patients to know and track the conditions of their cardiovascular system on a regular basis to prevent irreversible damages?

“Beatfine”, a mobile app that guides people after surgery and assists them when picking exercises and activities to provide peace of mind. The core feature utilizes a diary for smart journaling to track the rehabilitation process for both doctors and patients.

Watch their final presentation on Youtube

Batch#11: Team MangoSeeds

How might we support surgeon's planning procedure by ensuring that the surgeons are presented with just the right amount of information in order to shorten the planning while still allowing them to stay in control.

InVue, an AI-powered planning software built to provide spine surgeons with the tools they need to prepare, plan and execute fast and reliably, independent of hospital infrastructure.

InVue is now part of the start-up Mango Medical

The Road to Success

The process of Human-centered product development consists of three parts: GATHERING data and input about each challenge; DISCOVERING a user problem and creating a solution for it and the ROLLOUT of the product and the business model.

In the GATHERING PHASE a company’s challenge is discussed and framed into a “wouldn’t-it-be-great” question. Then, we form the team of talents who will solve that challenge.

That’s the starting point for the core success factor: the DISCOVERY PHASE. For three months, autonomous and cross-functional teams of Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Interaction Designer, Software Engineers, and AI Engineers will build an innovative digital product that solves a real user problem. The process is powered by the best-in-class tools and methods from Design Thinking, Lean Startup and agile product development.

In the ROLLOUT PHASE, we support our partners in developing the product and business model and in taking it to market.


A unique location: The Munich Urban Colab

The Digital Product School is located in the most creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial nerve center for innovation: The Munich Urban Colab. There, talents, promising entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporate innovators, scientists, and creatives from the most diverse sectors and disciplines work together under one roof.
It provides the most modern infrastructure to explore new technologies and use them to build innovative products.

Why Digital Product School

  • Experience

    12 Batches, 400 Talents 100 Teams

  • Expertise

    A core team of experts in their subjects

  • Ecosystem

    Part of Europe’s biggest entrepreneurship center

  • Independence

    UnternehmerTUM GmbH is a non-profit organization

  • Location

    The Munich Urban Colab as the palace where future mobility concepts are developed

  • Mission

    It’s our mission and passion to shape the world by solving the challenges of the future

  • Partners

    Connection to the mobility sector and beyond to enrich your innovative business model

  • Talents

    500 applications per batch. The best students and graduates want to join DPS.


Let’s tackle and solve your healthcare-related challenge!